Pedicure in Golders Green
With the average woman walking 10 miles per day a pedicure is the perfect thank you to your feet for their continuous support.

Pedicures involve massaging the parts that are both overworked and ignored in modern day lifestyles. Circulation, stress relief, as well as increased movement for those who may suffer from arthritis, are some of the benefits they can offer you. Pedicures can also help to prevent nail diseases and nail disorders.

Footsie BathAll pedicures are done with the amazing Footsie Bath which is like no other pedi bowl; it has no nooks and crannies that could potentially harbour germs and spread unwanted disorders. Each client has a brand new disposable liner which is discarded after the treatment, highly reducing the risk of cross infection.

If you don't want to go in for bright colours on your feet, why not try a French Pedicure. Your nails are painted with pearl coloured varnish and a strip of white is applied on the top. This is ideal for corporate wear or an evening out.

We offer 3 types of Pedicure;

  • Express File & Paint basic Pedicure for when you're in a hurry or just as an "add on" to another treatment
  • Luxury for when you want to pamper yourself and have a full relaxing hand treatment
  • Indulgence for when you need to revitalise your handsets with a Paraffin Wax treatment and pamper yourself too.

Express Luxury Indulgence
Hot Towel Foot Cleanse × × ×
Removal of Exisiting Nail Polish × × ×
Nail File and Shape using Crystal File × × ×
Softening Treatment Foot Soak × ×
Foot Scrub × ×
Cuticle Work × ×
Nail Buffing × × ×
Apply Foot Cream × ×
Foot Massage × ×
Paraffin Wax treatment ×
Apply Base Coat, Colour & Top Coat × × ×
Apply Cuticle Oil × × ×
DURATION 20 mins 45 mins 60 mins
PRICE £12.50 £30 £38
a = it is not recommended to apply polish after a Paraffin Treatment as the Polish can dry out the nails

We only use the best products available in our treatments. OPI™ is the world's leader in professional hand and foot beauty. You can find out more information on OPI™ Products at their official web site. All the beauty products that are used in our treatments are available for purchase upon request. Simply contact us in advance of your treatment asking which products you would like to purchase. Opi Pedicure London

To discuss your requirements, please don't hesitate to call us (07752 944 441) or email us. Remember we'll come to YOUR home in London to provide your treatment! So you can REALLY RELAX and enjoy your Pedicure.