Terms and conditions

  1. We only provide treatments to females;

  2. Bookings can be made in advance over the phone or by email. Once an appointment is confirmed we require 24 hours notice of cancellation;

  3. We may need to cancel your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late;

  4. If we need to cancel for any reason we will provide as much notice as possible using the contact details you provided;

  5. We retain the right to refuse treatment to anyone, without providing a reason. A full refund will be provided if payment has been made;

  6. We may be unable to provide treatment to a client who has a medical condition that would be adversely affected by the treatment. We also may be unable to provide treatment if the condition is contagious. As Beauty Therapist’s we cannot diagnose conditions for the client, however if necessary we will refer the client to their GP;

  7. We have published approximate treatment times as a guide on our website. These are only a guide and treatments can take longer depending on the client. If the window to complete your treatment is short please contact us to confirm how long a set of treatments will take.