Waxing in Totteridge
Waxing Finchley Waxing is the longest-lasting temporary hair removal technique available. When wax is warm, it enters the follicle, allowing the hair to be pulled out from the root. Hair grows back in 3 to 6 weeks.

The best antidote to the pain of waxing is to try to relax. When a client is tense, the follicle closes and the wax doesn't reach the root of the hair. Immediately after waxing, we apply gentle pressure to the area with our hands which reduces the painful feeling. The more often you get a wax treatment, the more accustomed you'll grow to the experience.

Waxing really does make your hair grow lighter over time. Because the wax gets into the hair follicle and pulls the hair from the root, it grows back less thick than when the shaft is shaved.


Hot wax is applied at a comfortable temperature to the hair whilst still in a liquid state. It dries almost instantly on the skin contracting around the hairs. When removed, it pulls the hair from the root thus removing it. Hot wax is not as popular as warm wax as it takes longer to complete a treatment. It is however excellent when used on coarse, strong hair and is mostly used on smaller areas such as bikini line and under the arms.


Warm wax is applied to the skin at a lower temperature than hot wax. Totally different to hot wax which is applied in thicker pieces, warm wax looks like melted golden syrup and is applied very thinly to the area. The sticky properties of this product make it adhere to the hair enabling it to be is removed by paper or fabric strips. The hair and root are removed as with hot wax.

Planning a Bikini Wax? Please read our BIKINI WAX PREPERATION AND INFORMATION.

Half Leg £10 20 mins.
¾ Leg (thighs inc. knee or lower leg & back of thighs) £15 30 mins.
Full Leg £20 40 mins.
Under Arm £8 15 mins.
Half Arm £10 15 mins.
¾ Arm £12 20 mins.
Full Arm £15 30 mins.
Full stomach (from hips to bra line) £10 20 mins.
Lower back £12 20 mins.
Basic Bikini £10 20 mins.
Lip or Chin or Side of Face £5 10 mins.
Eyebrow wax £7 15 mins.
Full face £15 30 mins.